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Welcome to JR Legal Consulting, your partner in navigating the complex landscape of mass tort litigations. With over a decade of experience, we’ve been privileged to serve alongside renowned law firms and legal vendors across the country, amassing significant insights and forming powerful alliances.

Here at JR Legal Consulting, we harness the expertise and robust network of our founder, Jenn Robertson, a respected veteran in mass torts. We understand that each case has unique demands, and choosing from a plethora of vendors can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to simplify the process. Having personally vetted over 40 companies and continually assessing new ones, we equip you with the knowledge to select the most suitable vendors based on your case criteria and budget. We then broker the deals between financers and vendors and manage the process to achieve desired outcomes.

We operate as a vendor-agnostic consultancy dedicated to delivering unbiased, bespoke solutions that put your interests first. Trust us to leverage our established relationships to catalyze the success of your investment.

About Jenn Robertson

Introducing Jenn Robertson, a seasoned professional and a luminary in the legal industry, renowned for her expertise in mass torts, marketing, and sales. Jenn’s professional trajectory epitomizes dedication and adaptability, reflecting a rich tapestry of diverse roles and industries.

Jenn’s career journey took root at McGhan Medical (Allergan) as a Customer Account Manager. Responsible for managing surgeon relationships in Southeast and International territories, this formative role instilled in her a strong foundation in relationship management and customer service.

Pivoting into the marketing field, Jenn further expanded her skill set as the Marketing Manager for Community Physicians of California. She pioneered an innovative program to establish exclusive referral relationships between radiologists and California surgeons there. As a liaison for referring community physicians and their staff, Jenn was instrumental in driving revenue and fostering professional interactions while honing her strategic planning and networking skills.

A significant shift in Jenn’s career path led her to the legal industry, where she served as a Paralegal for Attorney Paul Sizemore from 2010 to 2014. During this time, she navigated thousands of individual cases at every stage of litigation, from intake through to trial. This experience equipped Jenn with a critical understanding of the legal process and refined her skills in case management, legal research, and client relations.

Impressed by Jenn’s exceptional dedication and expertise, Attorney Paul Sizemore promoted her to Director of PR/Marketing for the Sizemore Law Firm. In this role, Jenn effectively forged new co-counsel relationships and expertly managed the firm’s case referrals for each litigation.

Jenn’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation led her to one of the country’s largest legal marketing agencies in 2015. As the Sr. Vice President of Business Development, she cultivated and nurtured relationships with the top law firms nationwide and connected co-counsel with leading firms for litigation. This pivotal role bolstered Jenn’s reputation as an industry leader and solidified her as a respected figure in mass torts.

Through her diverse and dynamic career, Jenn has consistently adapted and evolved, accruing invaluable expertise in marketing, sales, and legal practices. Today, she brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to JR Legal Consulting, standing ready to support her clients in navigating the intricate labyrinth of mass tort litigations.

Strategy & Solutions

At JR Legal Consulting, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not apply when it comes to mass tort litigation. We appreciate our clients’ unique needs and goals, and tailor our strategies accordingly. Our specialty lies in delivering personalized, effective strategies for:

  • Investment Firms: In mass tort litigation’s complex and rapidly evolving field, we strive to be your guiding partner. We assist investment firms in building robust and diversified mass tort portfolios. Our approach entails careful selection of potential litigations, meticulous partnership with top-tier vendors, and the engagement of the best-suited litigating law firms. We consider each litigation’s unique nuances, risks, and potential rewards to provide you with informed and strategic investment advice.
  • Law Firms: Running a successful law firm involves navigating through a sea of vendors, each offering a plethora of services. We take this daunting task off your plate by methodically vetting each vendor against your specific project objectives. Our expertise allows us to discern the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor, thereby connecting you with the ideal match for your needs. Our goal is to optimize your operations and ensure that your focus remains on the litigation process.

JR Legal Consulting prides itself on simplifying your vendor selection process, aligning you with the most advantageous litigation partners, and ultimately empowering you to succeed in mass tort litigations. Our commitment to you extends beyond providing consultation – we strive to be your strategic partner, guiding you through every step of your journey in the mass tort litigation landscape.

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